Big Dog Little Dog Bakery was incarnated by our need to find all natural, healthy food and treats for my beloved Maddie (Belgian Malinois X). When we adopted Maddie in 1999, she had an extremely sensitive stomach causing her to be limited to eating only bland food. Maddie was adopted at 8 years of age and had been on a gastro dry food recommended to her previous owner by her vet. When we tried to switch Maddie to our other dog Austin's (Husky/Lab X) dry food, she could not tolerate it (we will not describe it here, but you get the idea...). We decided to research to find out if we could help her. Along with her intolerance for all dry food on the market at that time (this was 14 years ago and dry food has come a long way since then), she had also been developing arthritis in her hips and spine, she had a rough, dull coat, her teeth dirty and her breath even worse. 

We went to work and researched home-cooked meals and home-baked treats for dogs. From that research, we formulated recipes that not only could Maddie tolerate, but that she also LOVED to eat! 

Our Big Dog Little Dog Bakery Gourmet Doggie Dinners (see 'Cooked Dinners' sub-section under 'Products') were formulated for Maddie, with the help of Dr. George Foukal - founding veterinarian of North Burnaby Veterinary Hospital.

Our Big Dog Little Dog Bakery baked treats (see 'Baked Treats' sub-section under 'Products) were taste-tested by Maddie (Director of Product Development), and paw-approved by Austin (Quality Assurance Manager). 

Today, both Maddie and Austin have crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Maddie thrived on Gourmet Doggie Dinners, raw food, BDLDB treats, and supplements. Maddie lived to be a ripe old age of 18.5 years and Austin to 16 years. Not bad, considering that they were both bigger dogs, and they had happy and healthy lives right to the very end... RIP sweet Maddie and Austin <3.




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