Tub O' Courage Lamb 100g

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Our Lamb Tub o Courage are made with non-med, hormone-free lamb hearts. Sliced, soft, raw, and delicious - it makes for the perfect topper to any raw, freeze-dried raw, or cooked meal. These are not complete meals - they are meant for supplemental feeding, or use as a treat!

Purchase from the freezer - pull out pieces you can treat your dog in 3 days, leave the rest in the freezer. Defrost for 5 minutes. Excellent natural source of taurine, coQ10, iron, zinc, selenium, and B vitamins. No added chemicals or preservatives.  

Did you know that although an organ meat, unlike liver, heart is more like a muscle meat. It's less rich, and will not give your doggie looser stools! Choose heart instead of liver, if your dog has a bit of a sensitive tummy!